28% Off 6 Jars Aged Defying Cream + 2 Starter Kits

28% Off 6 Jars Aged Defying Cream + 2 Starter Kits


6X Matinika Aged Defying Cream 60ml
Free 1X Face and Neck Serum Starter Kit
Free 1X Exfoliating Cream Starter Kit

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Daily use of the kit:

Use once a day in the morning. Rinse your face with warm water and place a small amount of Bosem ™ daily micro-exfoliating cream on your finger. Spread over your face, take care to avoid the eye area and rub gently onto your skin for a few seconds. Finish by rinsing and drying with a towel. Continue with Matinika ™ age-defying cream, gently smooth over the face with an outward and upwards sweeping movement until fully absorbed. Avoid eye or eyelid area.

Continued evening treatment:

Apply two drops of Ashkara ™ Ultra powerful natural eye serum after cleansing, then gently massage the serum to the eye area and expression lines. Continue massaging until absorbed. Finish the treatment with Oulala face & neck booster serum, gently smooth 3-4 drops over the face, massage gently in circular motions until adsorbed. Good night!

"My nearly 58 years old skin feels great. Thank you Lavie Labs"


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The kit contains 4 Matinika ™ age-defying creams, 2 Oulala face & neck booster serums, 2 Ashkara ™ Ultra powerful natural eye serums, and 1 travel-sized Bosem ™ daily micro-exfoliating cream.
Get yourself this all inclusive skincare kit!
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What's inside the "Beat the System" Kit:

Matinika™ Age Defying Cream

Our best seller and top kept secret!


Oulala Face & Neck Booster Serum

Face and neck booster serum


Ashkara™ Ultra Powerful Natural Eye Serum

Ultra powerful natural eye serum


Bosem™ Daily Micro Exfoliating Cream

Daily micro-exfoliating cream